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"Women's Healthcare is Excellent!"

- Lisa


"I just became one of the Clinic's first adult patients, and had a great experience with my annual pap and physical. Thank you for adding this service!"

- Lora

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Some of our satisfied customers  

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"Thank you for adding this service"

"I absolutely love Dr. Chris. She helped my oldest daughter (17) cure a long ever-lasting skin rash after I had seen 3 other doctors getting several skin remedies, which were quite expensive and did not work. We didn't even have an appointment for my oldest daughter; we were there for a well baby visit for my youngest daughter (4). We have since then moved to lower elevation, but still make the trip to Dr. Chris. She is more attentive of our visits and shows that she cares, rather than just being another number standing in line."

"I absolutely love Dr. Chris"  

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"Thank you so much for your knowledge and care with us, Dr. Chris! It's appreciated more than you probably know. We think you are truly amazing!!"


Angela Heggland

"Thank you so much for your knowledge"  

Dr. Ebert just met my daughter and I at 7pm on Christmas Eve with 20 minutes notice. I highly recommend her, she was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would give six stars if I could.” -Andrew Keel



Dr. Chris and Staff,


Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the care you have given our family the past 13 years. Thank you for Parke’s heart. I cannot imagine how different our lives would be if you had not heard that murmur in Jan. 2005. Thank you for the friendly service, the constant help and information. Thank you for your cell phone number so I could call at 2:00 in the morning when Dayton was hit with croup. Thank you. Our family moved to Bend, OR this summer. I do not know what the next year holds for us and whether we will return to Breckenridge, but I do know these two things. First, you have been an essential, irreplaceable part of my children’s development. I am grateful. Secondly, I hope for every child the type of care you have given mine.


So much love,


Jeri, Erik, Parke, and Dayton

"Thank you for the friendly service"